How Bad Do You Want It?


How Bad Do You Want It?

Why we do what we do…How bad do you really want it??

We ask ourselves the question…what is this REALLY about?

Is it about making money? Is it about being? successful?

In an entrepreneur’s journey you quickly come to realize that the “WHY” actually drives everything. It’s the WHY that makes hardship, or challenges,or the face of the unknown bearable.

If your “why” is very weak… then usually people give up on their goals. They give up on their dreams. They give up on their visions. But if your why is strong… then you FIGHT.

If your “Why” is strong… you do whatever you must do in order to overcome your obstacles. This is the secret “code” that allows the most successful entrepreneurs to create amazing wealth, overcome incredible challenges,live spectacular lives.

Each of us must choose our “why”… but one thing we can assure you is… the strength of your why will determine the success of your business.
So… why do we do it?

Why does The Neo Network exist?

You know if we had to drill it down to it’s most ESSENTIAL point…

The Neo Network is 100% about empowering people financially, mentally, physically,emotionally,even spiritually in a way that no one has ever done before.

The Neo Network is about creating a REVOLUTION, the wealth is just one part of that revolution.

Isn’t it time for a WEALTH REVOLUTION? Do you want to see WEALTH flowing back in the hands of people? Real people like you and I. Would you like to see the majority of the world’s wealth start to flow back to the hands of the people,who often times play a MUCH larger role in creating that wealth than is recognized?

THAT… is what The Neo Network is about.

What we have is a VISION. The Vision is led by people who are the LIVING examples of what’s possible when you undergoing a personal wealth revolution.These people who believe 100%in the power of this industry to transform YOUR life… and help to create new era’s of wealth for families. People who deeply care about the success of others. It’s about the people finally having a voice. It’s about us finally getting to SEE the value we create in the world,not just watch other companies profit from it.

Watch the video below by Christopher Smith, a Neo Network Visionary

Be the Change… It’s about the good in the world that will happen as a by product, when more people are empowered financially,mentally, spiritually, and emotionally to live the life they dream about.

That’s what SUCCESS is about…

Today… we invite you to REVIEW your role… your part, take part! If you see what we see…If you want the same REVOLUTION we do… not just for yourself… but for the whole world…… then we invite you to STAND UP. Stand up and join us as we prepare to truly execute this vision into reality. When you look deeper… you’ll see that it’s truly about a revolution. But what REALLY matters… is that we are HERE. What really matters… is that we never give up. Our VISION is bigger then we are. And the time to change the world is NOW. This isn’t just about the money. This is about all of us being a part of something absolutely GREAT!

The Greater Good of People Helping People…

That’s who The Neo Network is. And truly, we feel strong…a force to be reckoned with…We need your Participation. Because at the end of the day… just being straight up real… we can’t do this alone.

Team players are there for each other. Team players trust each other to have the RIGHT intentions, the right integrity, and the right character.

If you have that integrity,character, and you feel safe that each other is WHO you say you are…… then you are FREE to go the distance with each other no matter what obstacles you face.

YOU are who we want to be on our

Neo Network Team…in creating the revolution we described above.

How Bad Do You Really Want It?

We Love Ya :)

the neo network

Helping You Build A Business, While Having A Life!

Become more. Do more. Have more. Help More. Love More.

Take a look at this video Christopher Smith with Neo Network made that explains it so well

The NEO Network is community of like minded internet marketers who have joined forces to ensure that every member will succeed.

The other night Kris Darty with The Neo Network created $14,900 in monthly residual income live.

This will change the game for all Network Marketers everywhere who decide to join our community in the neo network.

If you want to know how to create income on demand then watch the replay here

Neo Network is taking on a lot of momentum right now so get in to be at the beginning of the wave.  This is certainly a game changer!!

This is awesome! Cheri Yazzie is now a Founder 5 in WakeUpNow because of NEO Network. That is $5000 a month. She has never been successful before at Network Marketing Online. And now she can pay off her credit cards and pay her bills.

neo network

The Neo Network Is Creating Income On Demand!

neo neonetwork

The Revolution Has Begun, Which Side Are You On?

The Neo Network – Be One Of The One’s, Take The Red Pill!

We Love Ya :)

neo network

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The Neo Network Review


The Neo Network Review

This is the most amazing idea I have ever come across. NEO Network is changing the way Internet and Network Marketing are done!

The Neo Network ReviewKris Darty (the creator of NEO Network) is pre-building a matrix of positive, internet marketing, network marketing oriented people the purpose of which is to collectively join businesses with a pre-built downline. While this idea is not entirely new, NEO Network is creating a level of organization that I have not seen before this time.

Also, Kris Darty is a professed Christian, which totally encourages me. I can get behind the heart and purpose of Kris Darty and NEO Network.

The concept is really pretty straight forward. Once you are part of the NEO Network and the pre-built Matrix of people, the NEO Network led by Kris Darty will be joining various businesses in an orderly fashion and bringing the entire matrix of you and I and everyone else over to that business.

This process eliminates the issue of trying to find people to join you in your business. It creates instant income for you and your downline and upline. It allows you to be part of other opportunities. It creates an extremely positive atmosphere for new associates to join. Imagine the ease of which you can convert people to such a Matrix when you can tell them that you easily have made this money because of the NEO Network.

The NEO Network is in pre-launch status. This means that they have not gone public yet. I found the NEO Network when it had 640 or so members. I think it was about 3 weeks old. At this time (7/26/2013) I believe the NEO Network is about 2 months old. As of right now the NEO Network has 876 members.

The membership is free for 3 months (at least during pre-launch) after that it costs $100.00 / month to be part of this network. The $100.00 monthly membership fee is used for advertising the NEO Network publicly to get more associates in the into the Network Matrix.

Kris Darty said in his introductory video if you aren’t making money by the time your having to pay, then just quit. He says, “I don’t want your money if you are not making money.” I have since seen a Google hangout with Kris Darty posted on YouTube where he shares his vision and heart for NEO Network and I am very encouraged by the direction this whole thing is heading.

Understanding The NEO Network Matrix Will Put Your Mind At Ease

Well after bugging Kris Darty and Cori Santo quite a bit today (August, 2, 2013), I fleshed out for myself at least some understanding of how the NEO Network Matrix works.

Please correct me if I am wrong folks.

When you sign up with the NEO Network you are put into the NEO Network 3 X 3 Matrix. At the minimum this means that eventually as the Matrix continues to grow you will see three people placed underneath you.

Now there is nothing stopping you from going out and marketing the NEO Network to get people into your own little matrix of people that you personally enrolled. The advantage here is that whoever you enroll in NEO will stick with you as your team (if at all possible) when NEO announces a new business opportunity and you join that opportunity.

Additionally as you continue to enroll new people in NEO Network under you it opens up new front lines for you as needed to go into the business opportunities that NEO Network joins. This means that if you need to open up 4, 5, 6, 7 , 10, 20 more front lines to increase your marketshare or rank in a business that you join from within NEO Network that your front lines will come with you.

The matrix is set up in such a way that from this point forward all the businesses that NEO Network joins will be set up to avoid the possibility of anyone getting into your team in NEO that does not “activate” an account with your new business opportunity. So the spots that fill up from your NEO Network crew and translate into the new business you are joining will be certainly paid spots in the downline under you.

Once you understand this, it truly puts your mind at ease to know that you SHOULD join every business, because it will help you make even more money. We all want to help others through this process so that they can realize their dreams and so that money is not a hindrance in their pursuits. If this is your heart then you will fit perfectly into the NEO Network Matrix.

If you are not ready to jump into new business opportunities as they arise because you are too afraid to make a move, then no business is ever going to make you money. Having this negative idea in your head when you join a business will simply lose you your money and give you a bitter taste in your mouth.

BUT if you understand that it’s up to you to move forward with a decision based on the wonderful community of people here in NEO Network that feel the same way about helping others and helping themselves then you will be successful in any business and in this matrix especially it will be very successful.

If you want to sign up with NEO Network. Here is the Link

Here is a video of Kris Darty sharing his heart about his life, faith, and the purpose for NEO Network.

30 Days To Live The Dream

30 Days To Live the Dream.

Sign up now Click our signup link!

Helping You Build A Business, While Having A Life!

We Love Ya!

Neo Network

You will not want to miss this! Join NEO so you can jump in to the before it goes ballistic! Public promotion starting this week! Hurry!

Guaranteed 50K in 30 Days | Financial Fitness Club Update Review

This is a new program I happen to stumble upon and after watching the video and joining am really impressed with.

The owners of the Guaranteed 50K in 30 Days – Financial Fitness Club are two guys from Wymore, Nebraska Brian Barnhouse and Steve Borgman. They have put a lot of effort into the program and are adding and updating things all the time to help the members. The video below tells you their story.

Guaranteed 50K in 30 Days – Financial Fitness Club

Guaranteed 50k in 30 Days has a really straight forward compensation plan based on a 5 x 5 matrix and one of the best things they offer is a 30 day money back guarantee. This makes it a no lose situation for anyone who joins. Once you have your 5 sign ups then any others become spillover to help your referrals to also get their 5. This makes it a good program where everyone can be successful working together as a team.

Guaranteed 50K in 30 Days – Financial Fitness Club

Guaranteed 50K in 30Days

It only costs a one off $50 and you get three products that help you to be successfull with the program. These include.

The 30 day to freedom video course -this is a really simple set of videos that guide you over 30 days on how to achieve success. Making sure you are performing the right tasks and helping you develop the right mindset to be successful.

The online money flow video coursethis takes you through step by step everything you need to know to successfully marketing online.

The Best Places to Advertise Online - this has 200 different ad sources and the results including clicks and conversions they have got from them. You can therefore narrow down the best places to advertise this or any business.

Along with the 3 products above you also get a lifetime membership to that normally costs $19.99 a month. You can use this to track your clicks and conversions from the various ad sources you are using for promoting this program or any other program you promote.

As you can see they offer real value and you get way more than some programs just for your one off $50.

Guaranteed 50K in 30 Days – Financial Fitness Club

Obviously to make money with the program you need to share it with other people it is not a passive program. They do emphasize a lot that is really important that you chose your 5 referrals very carefully and only select people that are willing to make the effort and work hard.

To help our referrals and people in our team we have a link rotator where people who sign up get added to it and we use it in our advertising to help them get their 5 referrals. A long with other different marketing resources and training. Like anything in life everything works better as a team and that applies even more so with Guaranteed 50K in 30 Days.

I can see this program Guaranteed 50K in 30 Days being really successful and becoming popular quite quickly because of its really affordable price and the useful products that are offered.  Also it is quite evident that passive programs don’t work and never last and the only way to be successful online is with actual work!

Watch This Video For Week 7 Updates: Guaranteed 50k In 30 Days Will change There Name To Financial Fitness Club and Adding A New Product Called Every Dollar Counts.

Guaranteed 50K in 30 Days – Financial Fitness Club makes it possible in a way unlike a lot of programs out there. You don’t have to recruit thousands and you get paid instantly on who your sign up as well as your referrals sign ups. We did a an advertising test run at AdhitProfits and made our money back in 2 days if you have not heard of AdHitProfits it’s our number one advertising secret source for any business you are promoting. Click Here and Start Driving Targeted Traffic To Your Website

If you have watched the video and like the sound of the program just click on the banner below and fill out the form to join. Lets build and work together as a team and see how big this can grow!

Guaranteed 50K in 30 Days

We Love Ya! :)

Guaranteed 50K In 30 Days

Helping You Build A Business, While Having A Life!

P.S. Start Driving Targeted Traffic To Your Website With AdHitProfits see our review and Click Here

AdHitProfits – Advertise Your Business And Make Money

AdHitProfits is a great platform where you can advertise your business opportunities and make money at the same time. They share 100% of their profits to all members that have an active ad.

To receive a share of the profits each day you have to click on at least 10 ads. You will then receive profits up to 125% of the value for the ad that costs $45. Once the ad has reached 125% it will expire but you can increase and keep growing your income by compounding the profits you make.

The video below shows you how to setup an account with AdHitProfits and how all the features in the back office work.


What is AdHitProfits

Our team is quite close to the site owner and admin of AdHitProfits Charles Scoville here is a interview one of our team leaders did with him. He has been online for a few years now and he runs all his programs really well with integrity and honesty. You can judge for yourself from the video below.


Charles Scoville AdHitProfits Owner Interview

AdHitProfits’s main purpose is to display advertising below are two websites where you can create banners for free and then use them in AdHitProfits to advertise your other online business opportunities.

Here is another video that shows you how to set everything up and how to use the banner making websites. These are useful websites to use to create banners that you can place around numerous websites not just AdHitProfits and they are really quick to make and you don’t need much technical knowledge.


How To Setup Banners On AdHitProfits

To truly be free you really want to be able to automate your business this is possible with AdHitProfits and the video below shows you how. If you were to go away for for week or just wanted to not worry about clicking the ads AdHitProfits gives you the option of being able to do that. It is all explained in the video below. This is key to creating the lifestyle you desire you don’t won’t to be wasting time on meaningless tasks.


Does AdHitProfits Advertising Really Work

This is a good program to generate cashflow to get into bigger and bettter opportunities. Some more are mentioned on my blog but there are also bigger things coming as well!


Stop Failing Start Experiencing Success


Click on the banner below and Start Driving Targeted Traffic To Your Website.


To Your Success, We Love Ya!


P.S. This is just one business our team is involved with you can checkout one of our other business’s on our blog – Guaranteed 50k In 30 Days! A Step by Step Plan to Make 50k in 30 Days Guaranteed or Your Money Back.  Click Here

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